Who Are RifCom?

RifCom_logoRifCom is a non-profit charitable organisation run by volunteers from Gibraltar and Spain.

We are committed to making a real difference to our neighbouring communities in the Rif Mountains of Morocco, living within our sight and yet living in poverty.


Our Aims at RifCom

  • ouraimsTo make a positive contribution to a developing world community in education, health, sport, cultural exchange and environmental conservation;
  • To inspire communities to partner with RifCom and establish projects that encourage ownership, responsibility and sustainability from the local population;
  • To introduce initiatives that generate sustainable income for the local communities in rural tourism, business enterprise and co-operatives.

“The story of RifCom so far…our greatest achievements”


RifCom in Action

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Donations Welcome

RifCom depends on the generosity of individuals like you and we thank you for taking the time to make a donation towards this worthy cause. It is good to know that in some way we can all make a difference to people in need of our assistance.

Cheque: You can forward a cheque (made payable to RifCom) to our address P.O. Box 575, Gibraltar.

Wire Transfer: If you wish to make a wire transfer please contact us at info@RifCom.org and we shall provide you with our bank details.

Monthly Contributions: Should you wish to donate an amount each month, please contact us at info@RifCom.org and we can assist you to set up the direct debit.

Other ways to donate: You can also donate your time or expertise to RifCom and assist with projects or fundraising events. Should you wish to get involved please contact us at info@RifCom.org or PO Box 575, Gibraltar.

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