Creating Income Initiatives

Kliaa Women’s Sewing Co-operative



In 2013 RifCom launched an integrated educational and vocational training program in the rural village of Kliaa in the Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco.  As a result of that program, 25 young women graduated a seven-month training course in sewing and dressmaking.  To capitalise on the skills gained from their sewing course, the women, with assistance from RifCom and their local association, have set up a sewing cooperative to create a better source of income and a brighter future for themselves and their families.



Ordinarily the women derive their income from low paid, back-breaking agricultural work.  It is common in the rural regions of the Rif for women to have little or no formal education.  The rural schools are primary level and are sometimes difficult to reach due to poor access during bad weather conditions.  Also, with home chores taking preference to education, children quickly fall behind in their school work.  Additionally, to advance to secondary school at 12 years of age, students need to leave their homes and reside in boarding houses to attend the high schools in the larger towns.  This is not an option for most girls living in rural areas of the Rif due to poverty and cultural outlook.  As a result, most women in the rural regions of the Rif are illiterate with few options in life and have limited resources to break their cycle of poverty

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