Dental Mavericks Back in The Rif in 2014

Dental Mavericks

Back in The Rif in 2014

The Dental Mavericks Charity returned to the Rif in October 2014 and visited the villages of Akchour and Khizana over four jam-packed days.  

During this time the Mavericks managed to treat over 340 kids ridding them of daily dental pain. Upon each visit, the members of this wonderful organisation are endlessly surprised at the poor condition of the children’s teeth and the bravery of the children enduring daily pain with very little complaint.

Whilst in Khizana, the Mavericks introduced their “Teeth for Life” programme which will assist the local community in taking better care of their teeth in a sustainable ongoing project.  

Great work Dental Mavericks once again…massive well done and THANK YOU!!  

The Mavericks will be back in the Rif in September 2015 joining RifCom in a combined project.  For further info on the Dental Mavericks Charity please go to: www.dentalmavericks.org

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