Dental Mavericks in The Rif Mountains in 2013

Dental Mavericks

In The Rif Mountains

UK Registered Charity “Dental Mavericks” were in the Rif in October 2013 doing what they do best …. volunteering their time to provide much needed dental care and ending daily pain to the children of the remote areas of Morocco.                                                                       

In collaboration with RifCom, the Dental Mavericks provided free dental care and treated over 250 children in the small mountain village of Mechkralla and its surrounding areas.

They tackled issues such as bad dental hygiene, infections, decay and extractions, and taught the community how to take care of their teeth. Before arriving in Mechkralla, the Mavericks made a return to the Rif coastal town of El Jebah and attended to the dental needs of over 200 children there.

More visits are planned for next year where, with RifCom’s assistance, the Mavericks hope to reach even more children in the remote rural areas of the Rif.

More information on this wonderful UK charity, can be found at their website: DentalMavericks.org

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