Rural Village Football Tournament 2015

Rural Village Football Tournament 2015

RifCom’s annual village football tournament was held in September this year and was hosted by the small rural village of Benizid, near Bab Taza. 

The tournament was supported by 12 village teams of boys of under 15 with around 120 players in total.  

Each team received a full strip, footie boots & drink bottles together with practice footballs and kit bag.  

Also throughout the day, the kids learnt about dental hygiene and environmental conservation in the education tent, courtesy of Dental Mavericks and Barbary Macaque Awareness & Conservation.  

Each player was also awarded a medal and goodie bag, consisting of tooth brush and tooth paste amongst other educational items. The event was a massive success and a fun-filled day for all involved.  

Our generous sponsors:

The team at RifCom wish to hugely thank all our generous sponsors and supporters of the event:  

  • Brightside Dental
  • Marketing Pirates of Dentistry
  • Smile Style Dental
  • Castle Park Dental Care
  • Advance Dental Care
  • Farsley Dental
  • Dentistry on the Square
  • High Street Dental
  • Olivers Dental Studio
  • Popay Ltd; STM Group
  • Swans International School
  • Cedric Ramirez
  • Kristine Stukle & Rob Dyke
  • Guy Povedano
  • Mansion
  • Steve Day
  • Dental Mavericks
  • Barbary Macaque Awareness & Conservation
  • Lincoln Football Club Gibraltar
  • Saccone & Speed
  • Jyske Bank
  • …THANK YOU!!!
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